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Would you prefer an 'Eras Tour' or 'Anti Tour'?

latina twilight

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anti, which also includes bsides and fan favorites, not only unreleased

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Naak Le Vaar
On 3/18/2023 at 9:42 PM, faysalaaa1 said:

I dont think Gaga has unreleased material thats good enough for a whole tour.

Get out :triggered:

Lmao they blocked my signature
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6 hours ago, holy scheisse said:

Literally perfect setlist yaaaas. I was like wait where is teog and shallow but then I saw the iconic finale lol


the ONLY ones missing i would want to be added are speechless and gypsy though. 

Unfortunately, I don't think she will ever perform Gypsy again.  I really wanted to add Speechless but I just didn't think it would fit well in TFM set and there were so many other piano moments I wanted to include!

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