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Rejected ASIB track by Father John Misty

Maxine Puth

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Ohh that's a cute song. Now imagine the hundreds of songs that were submitted for it, no wonder it's one of Gaga's best albums.


Except for Why Did You Do That.

I also really love his version of Come To Mama. :applause:

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Idk if this is true, but I remember reading once that before Gaga joined ASIB they already had a soundtrack loosely planned. The only song that ended up making the cut was Digging My Grave, so I wonder if this FJM song was one that was written for the first draft of the ST. 

Sometimes it feels like I got a war in my mind
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Well Happy Thanksgiving. 

Well, that shouldn't be in a movie, unless it was supposed to represent a drunk improv, cuz you know ASIB plotline. I feel like I've heard it before and I know I haven't. The phrasing is so uneven.

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such a good song John, Misty's Father.

"There could be 99 toilets in a house, and it's my house" - River, 2021
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