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Why Didn't Little Monsters Work At The Chromatica Ball?


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Why is the show getting so much disappointment from the fans? What were the expectations for the performances? Why were they betrayed? 


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(this is a joke, don't start fighting)

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Mother of Puppies

if Little Monsters worked at TCB, they wouldn't be doing their job, because they'd be bopping alright

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You can call me Lady MOP
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Wasn't TCB almost universally-acclaimed by LMs? 

I know the stage received some valid criticism but everything else was recognised and celebrated as being top-tier: the costumes, the interludes, the choreography, the creative direction... it was all so right. 

I guess the only other 'contentious' element of the show was HMH as encore, which was a weird choice but worked beautifully in the narrative of the show.

subtext / fantasy
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Why am I on GGD

They weren't even willing to take a lightning bolt to the head in Miami. Fans are getting so lazy :saladga:

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1 hour ago, Maxine Puth said:

2 negative threads, one being sarcastic, and that means we’re all complaining about it :saladga:

That's sarcastic as well, I'm just bored 

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