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Sources tell Variety that Taylor Swift will play the 2023 Halftime Show


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Oh she deserves that, can't believe I never thought about her doing that but she probably wanted to wait for the perfect time and now it is. You just know the budget is gonna be insane and they're probably gonna do a documentary of it.

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56 minutes ago, whoresup said:

I want: 



11 minutes ago, RebeldeFaith said:

And I hope to see Enchanted on the setlist.



stella + elliot = stelliot
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1 hour ago, Pop Music said:


By the looks of it, they know nothing lol.. not even one good source or reason of denial, like wtf they didn't even try :cryga:

I think that it's plausible that she performs there next year, as it all aligns, since the midnights era is about to start, the partnership just got announced and the rumors are coming as well (that's usually a good indicator), but I don't want to get my hopes up too much just in case she doesn't..

Personally I think she deserves it and I know she would do a great show!


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i can admit taylor has great songwriting skills but shes never been a great vocalist and def not a good performer. why wont they pick someone whos known for energetic performers 

i dont wanna be put to sleep at the superbowl. 

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Mister Gaga

She needs to play All Too Well. Can you imagine the bridge at the Halftime Show? The song would become even more iconic

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4 minutes ago, LadyxGaGa said:

does she have enough hits to do a whole halftime??

in the united states at least, there is no human being alive right now with a higher # of recognizable songs than her. even middle aged dads will know at least half the setlist. songs like our song, you belong with me, shake it off, love story, i knew you were trouble…. the list never ends

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47 minutes ago, HotLikeMexico said:

Isn't she Coke tho or did that partnership end?

I read that Apple Music is gonna take over next year. 

If this is the case, it’ll be Taylor with extra special surprise guest U2. Even Taylor won’t know this secret until the actual performance. 

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