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Ed Sheeran says he didn't create his label to make money

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Ed Sheeran created a record label, Gingerbread Man Records. He signed Jamie Lawson, Foy Vance and Maisie Peters. 

He talked about his label in the interview with Capital :

"The way that major record labels work is they sign like 30 acts and one of them works yeah and they'll put like equal amount of time into all of them and then one of them works but then you've kind got an like an elephant graveyard of broken dreams and I don't ever want to be respo. I want a record label but I'm not doing it to make money and this is probably the worst thing to say well my record label is listening but it's not a business for me. It's for me to do stuff that in 20 years I can look back historically and be like "oh I've really enjoyed making that album"  and so we put our time into that. I did the albums with Jamie and I've done albums with Foy and Maisie is now the focus and one when Maisie's like off on tour I will then look for someone else to sign but I don't want to have too many plates spinning at once because I just think  it's unfair and I would not want anyone to kind of fall by the wayside"



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1 hour ago, WheresMy911Alice said:

I don't like his music or him as a person but this is really respectable.

Oh wow, you know him personally? 

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15 minutes ago, TMM90 said:

Oh wow, you know him personally? 

No but a lot of the things he has said are super douchey and typical celebrity narcissistic ideals.

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