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Dawn of Chromatica, The Visual Experience, produced by GGD (September 3rd)


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I'm blown away by the quality of this. All the colours really fit the mood and provided a rave atmosphere. My absolute favourites were Fun Tonight, 911, Plastic Doll, Replay and Babylon (Haus Labs) but they were all well put together. It's not made clear why Engima isn't included, though. I had trouble playing Plastic Doll and Sine From Above initially, I don't know if it was a problem with the site or my connection but it took a few tries. GGD has really come through, we should be so proud of ourselves for making this forum what it is so it can rise to these great opportunities.

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3 minutes ago, ryansamonster said:

Sorry if this already has been answered, but why was Enigma the only song not included?? 

Maybe there is an Official music video for Enigma which will drop with the announcement of Enigma Vegas Shows :giveup:

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