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Dawn of Chromatica, The Visual Experience, produced by GGD (September 3rd)

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EDIT: @Admin will be along to explain more soon, he's a little overwhelmed at the minute to say the least. Huge moment for him.

kinda embarrassing how her team is still following and even collabing with GGD and y'all are saying so much dumb stuff about them here 

  • VTV changed the title to Lady Gaga X Gaga Daily [The Visual Experience] 3 tracks out now!

I am amazed at how good they are. I wasn't into Fun Tonight when I first heard it but the visual is stunning and made me get the vibe they were going for with the remix. 

Replay was so cool and I was shook when the snake moved through the first part and you saw the scars on their mind. 

The ideas are so unique and creative, and captured the themes of the remixes so perfectly.

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53 minutes ago, Jase said:

The colours used for the 911 visual were so pretty :giveup: 



It was my favorite until I saw Replay's visual:firega:

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Guys well done, this has obviously taken a lot of time and skill to do and it’s such a beautiful compliment to the album. So grateful for this era. Thank you Gaga, BloodPop and GGD for the love. I adore this album! Everything from the album art to the music itself to these visuals. 

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Cersei Lannister

I was at school today and haven’t gotten a chance to see anything other than the HL video I can’t wait to go through them all :messga: is enigma going to come out? I didn’t see it 

More wine 🍷
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