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Spotify streaming milestones for today! :pawsup:

Shallow surpasses 1.574 Billion streams

Bad Romance surpasses 598 Million streams

Just Dance surpasses 434 Million streams

Telephone surpasses 375 Million streams

Born This Way surpasses 326 Million streams

The Edge Of Glory surpasses 171 Million streams

I'll Never Love Again (Radio Edit) surpasses 149 Million streams

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ÔĹ°Ôĺü‚ėĀ glued up, sometimes it's too much ‚ėĀ ÔĺüÔĹ°
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Justin Drew Bieber

August 13

Spotify Global 200:

141. Shallow - 839,343

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does anyone know gaga's chart history in Australia? especially weeks at #1? thank you 

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Almost 1.7B:vegas: stream b*tches

Have you checked the Charts Thread today?!
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#1 songs:

Just Dance: 1 week
Poker Face: 8 weeks
Born This Way: 1 week
Shallow: 5 weeks

Total: 15 weeks

#1 albums:

The Fame Monster: 3 weeks
Born This Way: 2 weeks
A Star Is Born: 11 weeks
Chromatica: 2 weeks

Total: 18 weeks


Charted Songs:

Eh, Eh: #15
LoveGame: #4
Paparazzi: #2
Chillin: #29
Bad Romance: #2
Video Phone: #31
Telephone: #3
Alejandro: #2
Dance in the Dark: #24
Judas: #6
The Edge of Glory: #20
Yo√ľ and I: #14
Applause: #11
Do What U Want: #21
Venus: #31
Dope: #34
Perfect Illusion: #14
Million Reasons: #34
The Cure: #10
I'll Never Love Again: #15
Always Remember Us This Way: #12
Stupid Love: #7
Rain on Me: #2
Sour Candy: #8

Charted Albums:

The Fame: #3
The Remix: #12
Cheek to Cheek: #7
Joanne: #2

@SummerBoy223 there you go

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Spotify streaming milestones for today! :pawsup: (August 14th, 2021)

Shallow surpasses 1.575 Billion streams

Rain On Me surpasses 663 Million streams

Always Remember Us This Way surpasses 641 Million streams

Poker Face surpasses 573 Million streams

Applause surpasses 296 Million streams

Alejandro surpasses 227 Million streams

Judas surpasses 156 Million streams

Look What I Found surpasses 119 Million streams

music video alejandro GIF by Lady Gaga

ÔĹ°Ôĺü‚ėĀ glued up, sometimes it's too much ‚ėĀ ÔĺüÔĹ°
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