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Are chromatica Oreos still available in your area?

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Chromatica oreos   

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Yes, online only tho

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Yes but they're just normal ones with the Gaga cover.

I'd very much prefer The Fame red wine, BTW Bloody Mary or Joanne whiskey TBH

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3 minutes ago, weed said:

I've never seen them in stores lol </3 

same, I've never seen them :noparty:

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(Italy) Yes, a friend of mine messaged me with a picture of them a couple weeks ago, saying she didn't see them before and that they were in the "flop section" of the supermarket :laughga:

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I use to see them everywhere in my backwoods home town of Salisbury, Maryland. But I don’t see them anymore. Tragic. tenor.gif?itemid=4590444

“I’m on the edge of glory…”
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I just see the ones with the blue packaging and lady Gaga on the corner. I have an opened pack in my pantry I should probably throw away. :poot: (The contents not the wrapper.)

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1 hour ago, Spyro said:

They're probably expired by now.  Should check it lol.


Oreos last years before expiring.  Or at least longer than Gaga's album promo schedule.:ladyhaha:

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." -Martin Luther King Jr.
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Rat Boy
1 hour ago, smitherz said:

Im pretty sure the ones in the US are expired by now hahaha

They're going to crush the excess up and make them into HL eyeshadow palettes. :gum: 

"f***ing rat" - @dynamite
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