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Demi Lovato reminds there is still a pandemic


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Idk why is it so hard to understand that the reason why there are restrictions is because this virus is still around, it's killing people and is overworking the medical staff. 

This has nothing to do with your so called "freedoms", with you idea of red and blue or the other conspiracy theories that are floating around the internet. This way of thinking is just an excuse to continue being irresponsible and oblivious, which becomes a major problem for everyone else. 

To those who don't want to do the minimum (wear a mask, social distance, get vaccinated), have some common sense please. Stop this delusion and stop this pandemic. 

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Yikes. I would never wish death on anyone. 

Antivaxer? They are right it’s a pandemic, I could only count two people with masks. IT IS terrible that people are selfish and only concerned with themselves and continuing to prolong the pandemic….g

I had covid and it’s because of pos neighbors in my building who keep ignoring the pandemic. If they’re not gonna help, they could just be the ones to die from the disease exclusively. Oh God I r


Also, this 'freedom' bullshit is totaly non-sense. Your freedom cannot interfer on anybody's life. Our society lives under rules because it's not only about you, it's about EVERYONE. 

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1 hour ago, Queen Bitch said:

I care about others but I also care about freedom.

And politicians have no moral right to put any restrictions in place.

This virus has turned us into walking weapons that have no off switch. Since when do we have the right to infect others with a deadly virus that is hospitalizing 9.3% of those infected right now? Masking is the very least we can do. Freedom is attained when we can travel freely without infection. Freedom is gained right now by requiring masks.

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holy scheisse
1 hour ago, Queen Bitch said:

I care about others but I also care about freedom.

And politicians have no moral right to put any restrictions in place.

I couldn't help myself but to continue examining your perspective bc it fascinates me lol

Your moral here is "the individual > the collective." A typical American value of rugged individualism.

You believe that you deserve to be free and nobody ought to pin you down under no circumstances, because "MY freedom (to have fun) matters more than OUR wellbeing." 

You say, "I care about others, but (exclusionary language, what was mentioned before is about to be diminished) I also care about freedom"  

What your belief here really means is, "I care about others, but i care about ME way more."

And then you call ppl selfish lol


The "moral right" is not yours to claim either. Who is to say your individualistic morals are superior to those that favor the collective?

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5 hours ago, Flawless said:

It's funny how you sound exactly like a garbage politician lmao. There's no fun when people are dying for a disease that depends on everybody to be controlled. 

Thank you for seeing the light with me!  Queen b*tch really needs a reality check lol. Gurl needs to leave this thread. :saladga:

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