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On 11/27/2021 at 7:10 AM, Just A Holy Fool said:

I saw it tonight, and honestly it was an enjoyable movie, and Gaga embodied Patrizia, but the film has a lot of issues. The editing and pacing was really jarring, and it seemed Ridley just did not know what tone to strike with this. One minute it was camp, the next deep drama and in some scenes jumped between the two. I also found the chemistry awkward AF between Adam and Gaga.  

Gaga really got to sink her teeth into this role in the later half of the movie and she was absolutely phenomenal. I really hope she is recognized with at least a nomination. Her scenes opposite Camille Coltrin were especially delicious. I loved the chemistry between them. 

Aside from Gaga, Al Pacino was the highlight for me. Every scene he was in was marvellous. I was put off by Leto, it just was too ham and somewhat offensive to me. He seems to be getting the most buzz since the film’s release and I will be very upset if he gets a nomination and Gaga misses. 

6.5/10, definitely worth seeing, probably wouldn’t watch the whole thing again though. 

Pretty much agree with everything said here. Al Pacino was also by far my favorite followed by Gagz. 

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Eduardo Castro on his FB page: This evening I was invited to a screening of Ridley Scott's "House of Gucci". It was held at the spectacular new theater at the Academy Museum, and without a doubt, it

1 hour ago, Sepsami said:

No one came to see the horror of the murder. I'm not saying it's the greatest movie out there but to say people wanted to see the nitty gritty parts? Just no. It was always going to be about the events leading up to it, that was clear from the trailers. 

Just yes….. the detail of the murder would have improved the movie a lot. also just because somethings not in the trailer doesn’t mean squat, there was very clearly a gun. The murder part of the movie was too fast, and it took away a lot from the movie.

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An Italian blogger, known for being a huge fan of Madonna crushed House Of Gucci on his website but surprisingly praised, and also widely, the interpretation of Gaga in the role of Patrizia Reggiani, stating that the film can be watched only for Gaga hypnotic interpretation in every scene.

Anyway, his blog is rubbish and frequented only by frustrated Madonna fans full of hatred and resentment for Gaga's rise for nearly 14 years now.

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13 hours ago, Shaney said:

Just yes….. the detail of the murder would have improved the movie a lot. also just because somethings not in the trailer doesn’t mean squat, there was very clearly a gun. The murder part of the movie was too fast, and it took away a lot from the movie.

I'm confused, we saw the murder happen, we saw he got shot 3 times, and also where? We even saw that his driver/doorman took a shot aswell. What more detail are you asking for?

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On 12/2/2021 at 9:04 PM, LilyLark said:

Well that is in line with Scott Feinberg....who has Rachel at number 1 and Gaga still on his list of best actress nominees. He's actually the only one who had Zegler up in the mix like that...

Going to get dragged for this, but I feel like this is an example of how it's not just the performance (and I'll be fair, box office is probably will net Gaga a nom...she's worthy but so are 8 or 9 or other ladies). The majority of the reviews single out Ariana DeBose as the standout and the main star. But I suspect the 30 something Afro-Latina (and actresses who by all objective standards are better like Olivia Colman) is ignored for the young, white Latina who is charming and pretty...so the mostly white critics can pat themselves on the back for rewarding diversity (never mind Rachel is white even though she is Latina) and who is a favorite of the man they are all in awe of (Steven Spielberg). 

Going to reiterate I'm a woman of color (will be anonymous and not get into my background, as the whole online thing) and somewhat left wing as I realize this can be taken incorrectly if people think I'm white. But I saw someone say this on twitter and I agree: it feels like a liberal white guilt thing by a lot of people to be tripping over their feet to award a film by a white director with a white screenwriter starring a white Latina and characterize it as "representation". Like "oh, look," we're being diverse....when they really are not. And popularity is a definitely a factor, because people LOVE Kushner and Steven...and film twitter & many critics have a weird hate boner for Lin-Manuel Miranda. Nevermind the entire case of In the Heights was POC, the (white) critics focused on a small amount of criticism on there not being enough Afro-Latinos (and the criticism was mostly valid, but the media blew it up to epic proportions). But there's hardly a peep about West Side Story featuring mainly white Latinos and light skinned Latinos, with the exception of Ariana DeBose. The outrage is very selective....

Again, not trying to be mean to Zegler. I'm sure she's good. But after reading a ton of reviews—I was curious about WWS—it' s hard to think she's anywhere close to Olivia Colman and it's very noticeable that she was not the one singled out (it was Ariana).

So all critics are racist and white?

Kanye West Is Gone
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12 hours ago, AnnaNicoleSmith said:

So all critics are racist and white?

No, that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying there's a weird mix of selective outrage & white liberal guilt by a lot of critics. A small section of people online were angry at Lin-Manuel Miranda for not having enough Afro-Latinos, but the main four of In the Heights were Black, Afro Latina, Latina, and (arguably) a white Latina. All that outrage was blown up and magnified by critics who often snark at Lin-Manuel. Meanwhile, a white director, white screenwriter, and white Latina star in West Side Story and it's being hailed as "diversity."

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