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Normani had to fund part of the wild side mv herself

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1 hour ago, LG666 said:

Maybe she should have invested in a producer that would help make a stronger song? Just my tea.

Thank you, the whole song is just kind of eh, and everyone is freaking out like she released the winner for the best duo Grammy. 

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From reading part of the title, I thought the proceeds were funding some kind of wild life thing :laughga:

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i would agree in the whole fck her label thing but the music video was EXTREMELY excessive, and a lot of corners could've been cut whilst executing exactly the same vision, so it isn't like she was denied a budget for something basic. at the end of the day the video was very very very extravagant.

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I hope this goes well for her. I listened to the song and the video without expectations for the first time just now, and I have to say it SLAPS

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3 hours ago, Bio said:

RCA didn't even put the song on Today's Top Hits like, that's the only promo a song MUST have in 2021 :selena: They really said "you're on your own".

Maybe, just maybe, because it isn’thit

If she had to fund her own music video, maybe she should fund whoever is producing / funding these songs because none of these songs are by definition good.


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Girl this lotte clip showed more of her personality than any of her expensive vídeo. And even other songs. 
Sometimes you should try making something with what you have and it might come out better. 
the video looks good but she serves nothing. 

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