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Chromatica out now


Least Favorite Gaga Song From Each Album?

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The Queen
Jewels N Drugs
Grigio Girls
I Don't Know What Love Is
Plastic Doll

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The Fame - Brown Eyes

The Fame Monster - N/A (Flawless)

Born This Way - Highway Unicorn


Joanne - Angel Down

Chromatica - N/A (Also Flawless)

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Some of you put many of my fav Gaga songs on your lists... like Dancin' in circles, Highway Unicorn, Monster and Just another Day ..


what's wrong with u people? :bear: :ladyhaha:

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I have to laugh.
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retro dance freak


the queen



1000 dove's poop


I'd rather be dead but I guess I'm alive ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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numb the flame

I don't hate any of these songs, they are just the songs that I personally gravitate towards the least if I'm not listening to their respective album in its entirety. 

The Fame: Again Again

The Fame Monster: Teeth

Born This Way: Americano

ARTPOP: Jewels N Drugs

Joanne: Million Reasons

Chromatica: Free Woman

all on my own i'm a toxic innovator with my trigger fingers rests on the incinerator
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The Fame: Star Struck 

The Fame Monster: Telephone 

Born This Way: Americano 

ARTPOP: Swine 

Joanne: None :whitney:

Chromatica: Sour Candy 

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Rain on Me
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Sine From Above

TF - I Like It Rough

TFM - Teeth

BTW - The Queen


Joanne - Come To Mama

Chromatica - Fun Tonight

Flying like a 1000 Doves
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Money Honey - is okay, but all other songs are better

Teeth - is great, but had to choose something

Bad Kids - meh

Jewels N Drugs - meh

Just Another Day - meh

Free Woman - biggest meh ever

I've been getting messages from my deep waters
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Reputation King

This is actually really tough

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich


born this way

manicure or fashion

come to mama 

enigma or free woman

When it’s dark outside you’re always the light
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Poker Face

So Happy I Could Die

Highway Unicorn


Million Reasons


Scare them first, so they can’t scare you...
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