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Lady Gaga : 4th Female Best Selling Artist (Worldwide)

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FFXIV WhiteMage

Slay Lady Capitalism :pray:


Imagine the collapse if the album promotion was rolled out as planned :selena:


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Stupid Oreo

dula peepa coming for her *ss:firega:

how do you piss lady gaga off? poke her face
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On 4/7/2021 at 4:31 PM, mamo said:

and it's literally her least promoted album...

i will never forgive that b*tch corona for snatching away this era from us


True, but also made its way to #1 on many of the big and the BIGGEST playlist. Had a lot if playlist payola too

Her team wanted to do all the right things but never got a chance to execute all of it tbh

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