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Gaga’s NYC apartment


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21 hours ago, Reject False Icons said:

If there was so many people waiting at the door? Didn’t the neighbors complain about that?:huntyga:

the fans weren't the only problem for the neighbors, although i think i recently read a throwback article about them actually complaining

„I allow myself to fail. I allow myself to break. I'm not afraid of my flaws.“
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modern ecstasy
19 hours ago, Franch Toast said:

Hasn't she said that one reason she gave up her NY apartment was because of the hordes of fans that would swarm outside? I thought she mentioned that she'd love to find another place in NY, but it would need its own garage so she could leave without being harassed all the time. 

This along with Perez trying to rent an apartment in the building :smh: she probably feels more at peace in her Malibu home.

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14 minutes ago, Agunimon said:

which window was hers?

look looking GIF

Penthouse p*ssy :usrs:

On second thought, love is enough
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Her neighbors definitely don’t miss her and the delulus stalking her outside the building :ladyhaha:

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On the DeuxMoi Facebook group there was a thread on Gaga and one or 2 people mentioned seeing her in her apartment building bc they were visiting other people there. They said she was very nice. The whole thread was full of praise for Gaga, I was so happy reading it. The OP asked for tea and basically the tea = Gaga is a doll. One person's sister had worked with Gaga for years and said she was amazing ❤️❤️❤️


Its worth a look if any of you are in the group. I actually went to make a thread about it but I don't think I'm allowed to make a thread? Is it because I just joined? 

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