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What does Marry the Night mean to you?

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Max the Lagomorph

To me it feels like understanding your faults and feeling your anxieties but still rolling along anyway. Sometimes the best way through is forward.

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For me it means don’t give up on yourself. Life may push you, but when it’s really dark you just gotta push through despite whatever is going on. This song is what got me through some really late and rough nights in College when I really wanted to give up. Thank you, Gaga :heart:

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It’s about having courage in yourself even when you don’t have courage in yourself. You are the only person who needs to believe in you.

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Jose P

I always took it as an ode to New York on a literal sense, but on a figurative sense about embracing every single flaw, insecurity, and bad moment in your life, and using them to be stronger and never giving up. The “night” being that darkness that chases you around, but you won’t let it take you down, instead you’ll embrace it to make yourself stronger. I really think she purposefully wrote it in a way that it can mean both of those things.

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