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Applause’s 400k sales debut projection


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31 minutes ago, Indyl said:

Do What U Want feat. Xtina, The Weeknd, or Usher would've been the best lead, end of story


I strongly believe that Do What U Want is the only song on ARTPOP that would have been a huge hit if released properly. I think most of the single contenders would have had issues (e.g. Aura - simply not radio friendly, sorry, Sexxx Dreams - its chorus likely would have been edited, etc.). 

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But...they're on different albums....... 

Maybe I Like It Rough has a chance for next single

Honestly I think Applause wasn't the best choice for a lead single. For me, at least, Scheisse has that classic Gaga vibe that the GP enjoy more.

8 minutes ago, Sour Candy said:

Gypsy was the only right choice for the first single. It's dance and catchy, it's GP and radio-friendly. Moreover, the lyrics ''sometimes the story has no end'' would be an important message for fans, everyone needed that. But we have what we have :emma:

I think Gypsy would have been an excellent final single.

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