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What is Your Dream Gaga Set List?


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13 minutes ago, mic said:

Act 1:

Just Dance




Bad Romance




Heavy Metal Lover

Rain On Me

Do What U Want


Act 3:



Dance In The Dark





Born This Way

The Edge of Glory (acoustic)

the Edge of Glory (Normal)

The Edge of Glory (Reprise)

Waiiit I genuinely love this :billie::nick:

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Act I
1. Poker Face
2. LoveGame
3. Stupid Love
4. G.U.Y.
5. Born This Way
Act II
6. Just Dance
7. Sexxx Dreams
8. Scheiße/ Telephone (mashup)
9. Applause
10. Bloody Mary
11. Chromatica II/ 911
12. Alejandro
13. Paparazzi
Act IV
14. The Edge of Glory (Full Band + acoustic reprise (mashup with Fun Tonight))
15. Million Reasons (piano)
16. Angel Down (Piano)
17. Always Remember Us This Way (full band)
18. Gypsy (Piano + full band)
Act V
19. Diamond Heart
20. Joanne
21. The Cure
22. Rain On Me
23. Chromatica III/Sine From Above (full band with Gaga on piano)
24. Shallow
25. Bad Romance

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Cookie Tookie

Marry The Night

Born This Way

Government Hooker





Bloody Mary

Black Jesus + Amen Fashion

Bad Kids

Fashion of His Love

Highway Unicorn (Road To Love)

Heavy Metal Lover

Electric Chapel

The Queen

You and I

The Edge of Glory

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Lady Gaga - Enigma (2021 Revamp) (most of the setlist and costumes have been gutted and revamped, the set and storyline has remained intact, with both being enhanced)

Act I - Pretty much the same, LoveGame has been remixed a bit and Poker Face is shortened)

1. Just Dance (Same)

2. LoveGame (Remixed)

3. Poker Face (Verse + Chorus + Bridge + Chorus + Space Cowboy Remix Outro)

Act II - Storyarc is the same, but setlist is gutted

4. Alice

5. Applause (“I need you to cheer for me to survive the simulation!”) (Full)

6. Alejandro (Verse + Chorus + Bridge + Chorus)

7. Paparazzi (Same)

8. Aura (Same)

Act III - Taking control of the simulation / Chromatica II

9. 911

10. Sour Candy (Intro + Shortened Blackpink Verse + Chorus + Outro)

11. Free Woman

12. Scheiße (Verse + Chorus + Verse + Chorus)

13. Judas (Verse + Chorus + Bridge + Chorus)

Act IV - 80s Hallucinations in the Simulation

14. Venus (Verse + Chorus + Verse + Bridge + Chorus)

15. Replay (Verse + Chorus + Bridge + Chorus)

16. Born This Way

17. Perfect Illusion (Verse + Chorus + Bridge + Chorus)

18. Sine From Above (Verse + Chorus + Outro)

Act V - Fighting the Evil Simulation

19. Million Reasons (Sad within the simulation, “but I only need one good reason to fight”)

20. Stupid Love

21. Bad Romance

Act VI - Conquering the Simulation

22. Rain On Me

23. Babylon


24. Shallow

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1. Just Another Day

2. Teeth

3. Dope

4. Plastic Doll

5. 1000 Doves (Remix)

6. Hey Girl

7.  Jewels N Drugs

8.  The Queen

9. Summerboy

10. Christmas Tree (Encore)




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1. Swine

2. Teeth

3. Jewels n Drugs

4. Summerboy

5. Million Reasons

6. Come to Mama

7. 1000 Doves

8. Eh Eh

9. Fashion of His Love

10. The Queen

11. Hey Girl

12. Plastic Doll

13. Fun Tonight

14. Bad Romance


15. Hey Girl (reprise)

16. Million Reasons (andrelli remix)

17. Love Me Right

18. Let Dem Hoes Fight (demo for Trina)

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