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2020 VMA Nominations


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Yaaaaasssss gaga , yaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssss wins. :party::woot::legend::gaysia::golfclap::woohoo: :classy: :excited2:


But I cant believe they did katy so dirty in the quarantine categories. Sad. :noparty:

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So happy to see that Evanescence got a nomination, can’t believe it took 16 years for the VMAs to finally notice them again:saladga:

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24 minutes ago, GagaEnigma said:

Are there any categories that are not fan voted?

best editing
best choreography
best visual effects
best art direction
best cinematography
best direction

Reveals when?? Results when?? Do we have all submissions?? Do we have all votes?? Am I winning??
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Born This Way
1 hour ago, CyanDante said:

Why is all good girls go to hell nominated in this category? :huh:

The Vmas do love them some Billie Eilish.

Billie's video was about pollution,mainly oil spills and fires. She's a bird covered in oil and a fire spreads behind her. The actual song is also about climate change in general.


Reset my mind's IP, delete what I don't need
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2 hours ago, rasclautmangos said:

Richy got nominated for Best Choreography! 

It was her best choreography in years. Obviously better than SL. Ariana’s part was a bit basic, and the choreo got a bit lame when she came in to it

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Red Velvet

Let's make this happen:

Beyoncé won for Single Ladies and Formation.

Rihanna won for Umbrella and We Found Love.

Taylor won for Bad Blood and You Need To Calm Down.

Now, Gaga will be the 4th female artist to win TWICE. MAKE THAT HAPPEN.

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Midnight Summer

Wow. The VMAs left Dua out in the cold.

Hopefully, her fans adjust their expectations for the Grammys. Because if the VMAs are snubbing her then...

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