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It’s funny to me how other fan bases are sometimes surprised when they see Gaga slaying, I mean of course it’s surprising to them, they constantly try to create the illusion that Gaga is some flop when she’s far from it.

why are you reading this
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Smother Em Eh

Legends only! 
And people have the nerve to call her a flop:laughga:

Stream Gaga’s discography on Spotify! Come on LM’s
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Awakened M
8 hours ago, RahRuhRough said:

Yup, Gaga is hung. A hot italian top like her knows how to cook my asian ass.

Jujubee, is that you?:ladyhaha:

I'm not getting any sleep tonight because I woke up to a beautiful life. I'm awake.
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I thought you were referring to her weight and came here to throw hands :billie:

リのひ ᄃム刀'イ 尺乇ムり イんノ丂, ᄃム刀 リのひ?
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