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MARINA unfollows Lana Del Rey, comments on the riots

Wolf Boy
1 hour ago, bowie1986 said:

Lana’s voice wouldn’t be embraced or appreciated right now. She is smart to stay silent — for now. Hopefully she is supporting the fight in other ways. 

I actually agree. If she says something people will drag her for trying to seem sorry or something, if she doesn't say anything “she only cares about herself”, ect it’s a lose/lose imo.

There are more pressing matters right now than what celebrities think. A man is dead, riots are out of control, we should be focusing on **** that matters not which celebrities are “talking” about it.

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I can’t at the fake news, since many people online are saying Lana was unfollowed months ago. I do hope Lana’s doing okay mentally and I do think she will say something because she has collaborated with many black artists and people are taking this issue really seriously right now. 

That being said, this thread got seriously derailed but I’m here to add my 2 cents cause some of y’all sound ignorant af. Not sure if some of you are living under a rock or something but this is a huge pivotal moment in the USA right now to seriously challenge police brutality and unwarranted violence against black people. There are riots, protests and demonstrations all across the country and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Black people need our solidarity right now. George‘s death was the catalyst but black people continue to die at the hands of law enforcement at disproportionate rates no matter how many peaceful BLM protests are held. Many black folks have asked us (everyone) to amplify their voices no matter how small our platforms are. They need us to sign petitions, donate, speak up and maybe even join them on the frontline. This is not the time for silence. 

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