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Chromatica: Reviews Thread


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I have been a huge lil monster (at least when it comes to her music since 2008 when Just Dance came out) and then I kept listening to her music until ARTPOP was released. It wasn´t my favorite album but I did like some of the songs (especially Applause) and then I haven´t heard much from her... which is when she started singing jazz with Tony and I did not notice when she released Joanne... there was no promotion so I didnt really know about it... and kinda forgot...


So then I kinda rediscovered Gaga when "Stupid Love" came out this year and I looooooved it. I was like "finally she´s doing music again" -  And then I couldn´t wait for Chromatica to come out and I never thought that my fav album (born this way) would be topped by another album, but it was! I ****ing loooove Chromatica! Its my favorite album ever made! And then I discovered Joanne, watched a star is born (now one of my fav movies), watched basically almost every interview that Gaga has given and I adore this woman! She is such a role model and creative, kind and talented person that I admire so much now. From 08 to 13 I just listened to her music (a LOT), because I was not into all her crazy outfits and looks and sometimes strange interviews she´s given at the time... I just couldn´t really relate to it. Now I also fell for the "person" that she is. At least from what we see in interviews etc.


And Chromatica really has helped me to get through this shitty year. So thank you Gaga for putting out your music just in the right time.


My fav song EVER is "Alice"! And I also just loooove Babylon sooo much (single pls) , Free Woman (single pls) , Replay and 911 ! Those are my favs <3

You can call me Lady MOP
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They're always exceptionally harsh on established artists and very lenient towards newer, younger artists. Artists like Eminem, Gaga, Katy, Timberlake can barely crack 70 whereas Selena Gomez who

Welcome to the world of Chromatica Reviews! We will keep track on the Metacritic, and as well reviews from the publications.  Official Metascore: 79 (23 Reviews)  Album of the Yea

Ugh, you just reminded me that ARTPOP deserved better. I actually can't believe she doesn't have a higher metascore than 78

On 12/16/2020 at 5:52 PM, GreekBoy said:

Guys I want your opinion! I haven't buy chromatica and now I'm confused. Box set is 50 euros more than the deluxe edition. Is it worth buying or should I buy deluxe? 

Buy deluxe or standard. IMO there's a bunch os useless stuff in the Box. Like why do I need a bunch of tattoos and postcards? IMO it's just trinkets. The deluxe version is worthy because of the bonus tracks.

I am authistic, so don't be offended if I make a mess sometimes.
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everybodyyyyyyyy, they revised chromatica dolby atmos version again!!! wayyyy better, it makes me enjoy the album all over again hehe

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