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Lana Del Rey Lashes Out On Fan

Yes To Heaven

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God Control

Celebrities are people, just as much as they are public figures. They get caught up in drama, they get upset, they get pressured too hard that they no longer trust any kind word from others, they get disappointed and then start feeling that everything is conspiring against them, even kind words to be some sort of bait, and they lash out.

It’s ok not to be ok. Sure, some people will get disappointed and it’s not right, but it’s a human thing and it can happen to any of us. I too got pressured back at school when I was out and open and I didn’t care if anyone knew and they knew eventually and started pretending to be kind to me only to throw in words here and there and eventually I lashed out at people who genuinely meant to be kind, because I couldn’t tell who is who anymore. Was it right of me? No. Did someone get disappointed? Yes. But that’s just life. You sometimes hurt and you get hurt. Imagine that drama magnified on a global scale for a celebrity and imagine the pressure.

You don’t even have to suffer depression, or use mental health as a shield, you just have to be a human being. We’re people, we get hurt and sometimes we burst, and it happens. Let’s not expect celebrities to always be nice and calculated.

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lol @ people with 0 social impact (or sometimes not even a real job) still talking in 2020 about cancelling other people with millions of fans (and millions in their bank accounts) all around...

real life is not twitter sweeties, just give it up. plus it looks like it was a fake, so sorry but not gonna happen

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Andy McQueen
On 5/24/2020 at 4:31 PM, Eightpop said:

Before y’all post about how horrible she is THIS WAS COMPLETELY FAKE (check the previous page), here’s the tweet

Don’t believe everything u see


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