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Father wants GaGa/Madonna concert for Peace!

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Jellybean Monster

Who cares about stupid things like who's cooler, more relevant etc. It's a great idea, and it could be amazing.

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Shut the f*ck up and sign this! If Madonna dies, then people would turn haters (because of this war)....

MJ had even more fans after his death,the same would count for Madonna

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Harley Quinn

No way

Exactly how can it be a feud when it is really only one sided... And I'm sorry but I would never work with anyone who ever treated me that rude.

Very true!!!

One of Gaga's messages: Forgive your betrayer :)

Forgiveness is overrated :coffee: lol jk

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I'm surprised people still think there is a feud between them. Lady Gaga has said nothing but good things about Madonna to the public and on record.

That does not change the fact we know how she feels about Madonna NOW, after leading the negative bandwagon about Born This Way.

After what DJWS has said, tweeted, its obvious these two wont work together and anyone thinking they will is seriously delusional. Lady Gaga can collab with others who respect her more. Everyone wants to collaborate with her, why would she put rude Dita over everyone else?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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