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Father wants GaGa/Madonna concert for Peace!

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Come on guys no negativity here this man is adorable and sweet and has his heart in the right place.

Still a no.

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I've ALWAYS been here for a GaGa X Madge collab. :legend: I think Madonna's unprofessional attitude is rather appalling but for some reason, that never really bothered me from wanting her to collab with Gagz.

But I'm not sure about the petition tho because I don't really think it will work. :flop:

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I'm here for Gaga/Madge collab. Stay pressed.


Love this!

He's awesome!!!

Not a whole tour though, maybe just a show or performance :)

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I'd honestly love a collaboration... it'd be so EPIC... I don't think some people here actually realise how much authority Madge holds... If Gaga can even have HALF as a successful career as her, I'd be happy... :nacho:

i think u said it oppositely...
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I would love this tbh :coffee:

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I somehow don't think this would happen. I mean, I know Gaga hasn't exactly said much about Madonna since M started going off about Gaga, but you can tell that there's not really any love between them. I mean Tara's tweet about the whole Die Antwoord situation 'Maybe Die Antwoord went to Madonnas school in Malawi #besties' is probably not something she would say if Gaga and Madge were cool with each other. Didn't Gaga just turn down the chance to perform with Madonna anyway?

At this point, although everyone would be watching/talking about it if they did, I think it'll just end up looking like the whole 'feud' was a giant publicity stunt. I think a collab or something would've been nice if Madonna hadn't gone out of her way to insult Gaga for the past year.

The mans heart is in the right place though, bless him :sara:

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