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Been listening to this all week. One of her best    

Don't hate me because my intentions are misunderstood.  


I could listen to this for months!

New week and I have another song on my mind. What about you?

Mars..........or bust!
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This is an interesting selection. I think I am starting to like this after the second time around. :yes:

Mars..........or bust!
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this week ive been obsessed with the rac remix of blue jeans AND this:

ooo la la. I love 'living it out' as well.

also, admittedly stalkerish, you seem ashamed to like gaga for some reason. ive seen you on atrl...you're like one of those people that refuses to come across as a delusional stan so you both hide your appreciation for gaga and predominantly say negative to neutral things when discussing her. while I understand to like or appreciate an artist you don't have to only talk roses of them...i dont think ive seen you say anything remotely in her favor on here or atrl. not to mention your last.fm has literally every other female artist besides her. kind of makes me wonder what you're still doing here if not just to add what you might believe a forum like this is lacking in, musical diversity...since im just being presumptuous I could be totally and completely off base here, im just wondering why exactly you're ashamed to openly appreciate gaga anymore without apprehension or caution? you seem to be one of several types on here/op.gaga that act this way.

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