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Gaga throws up on stage in Barcelona 10/7


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Lol at some people saying she had the backing track like Bieber, trying to say she lip-syncs. Maybe watch the whole performance and notice how she sings the whole thing, except for the dance part.

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Showing Justin how it is done i see. :nacho:

She is so determined to her fans and wont let anything stop her :emo:

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Props to her for being really professional about it :clap:

But lbr, she's not as awesome as Beiber who magically kept singing while puking with missing a word :awesome:

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Free Monster

Her vomit is so cute :fan:

None of us said that.

He stopped the show and ran backstage right after,While Gaga kept dancing like a BOSS.

From the "Justin Bieber throws up on stage thread"

http://gagadaily.com....in bieber&st=0


Before saying "no one ever said that" atleast make sure it's true.

EDIT: and yes, ignorant people will never change

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:omg: that's a lot of barf.

i can't imagine being mark and you're about to start dancing with her and than she starts barfing, im sure he wanted to hold her hair or something but he had to keep dancing in front of her to try to distract people from noticing shes barfing.

that would suck to barf on stage.... though i kinda wish her mic was on :spin:

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