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Gaga throws up on stage in Barcelona 10/7


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Oh, don't worry, I'm like that too. Vomit is one of the most disgusting things for me lol

Don't watch it. It's not good to see someone you care feeling bad anyways.

Alright....I made my mom watch it and tell me about it.....she said she must be super ill, she said it was a lot of vomit and that poor mark just kept dancing with this sad, confused as to what to do look on his face......Poor gaga.... :cry:

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Vomits on stage, doesnt give a damn, when will your faves?

What if she slipped on the vomit though

Hope shes okay though!

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J e s s e

Love me some Pukega :wub::flutter: I hope they scrubbed that area clean afterwards. :pukey:

"They have as much in common as dinosaurs and goldfish: the cracker kind!" - Penelope Garcia
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I am really starting to get concerned about her health. She's been having these episodes more recently than the MBall.

I hope it's just that she's tired and there's nothing too serious :ohno:

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Free Monster

this! :tea:

thanks for bringing this up and showing how some people in this fanbase really are. makes you see why other fan bases say "little monsters" are the worst stans and such hypocrites :nails:

oh and throwing up doesn't help with pregnancy rumors :nacho:


Ahem, someone in here who was denying that everyone was making fun of Bieber was still denying the fact even after I posted pictures. Selective eyesight I guess.

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It's not apparent, she did throw up and then she tweeted about it

Oh gotcha. I haven't been on twitter for a while so I didn't see that.

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