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3 hours ago, PrincessVenus said:

Honestly I’ll never get the hype over Thank U Next. It was a last minute thing she made because she FeLt LiKe iT. It’s also way more basic than Sweetener. And it’s also filled with forgettable filler, compared with Sweeteners filler which was either so bad it’s good or actually good. Thank U Next’s songs just bleed into each other which I guess could be said for Sweetener but all of the songs off Sweetener even the bad ones (idk why y’all hate on borderline so much when TLIC exist) have a meaning that brings them all together for the albums theme of Ariana coping with loss and trauma and trying to make the best of it, and that album was her way of doing that.  

Thank u Next was named after a random #1 hit she had about her ex boyfriends that was clearly specifically made to make headlines inevitably getting her that #1. I also find it funny how a lot of people, on this site included, absolutely despised this eras singles, and still turn around and say it’s her best work. At least all of  Sweetwners singles were good,  TuN’s were controversial at best. There’s 7 Rings, which was really hated by a lot of people and the truly forgettable Break Up, and the the title track (which I honestly loved but ik a lot of people detest) and that kinda ruins it for me. Also she has allegedly  said during a sound check that she hates bloodline (got remove off SWT set list)  and that NASA is her “worst song” (or something like that don’t @ me lmao) which is funny because many people say they’re the best songs of the album, and she hates them. And then the fillers are truly truly forgettable. Make up is just needy with a higher pitch and even more cliche lyrics, Bad Idea is good, but it goes on for too long, for no reason! At least she said the silence at the end of Get Well soon is like a moment of silence. Bad Idea just goes on and on, violins randomly appear, and then leave and the the trap beat instrumental comes back and I’m like can this song end? And I truly do not remember how ghostin and in my head sound like, and it seems neither does she because they’re not even performed at SWT (which btw had more sweetener songs than TuN:fan:

in all honesty tho it’s not a “terrible” album or a disposable album, as there truly are undeniably horrible albums by pop girls. I listen to a lot of the songs actually, off the album. It just came too soon after Sweetener and was not as good.  

So many good points. :applause: Except for the fact that I love 7 Rings I agree with most of the things you said.

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