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Britney's megarate  

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Just now, Anveeroy said:

Everybody is welcome to join the ceremony of THE PINKPRINT! 


stop :neyde: 

Lady Gaga did her own makeup in this picture but I’ll be sure to let her know how much you hate it xoxo


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My notifications:

"Animal Claws mentioned you..." x12 :saladga: 


Actually I'm surprised I wasn't the worst rater for all those tracks. I was for about nine of the songs since I was mentioned few times before the ceremony started


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On 8/10/2019 at 4:49 PM, Animal Claws said:

Edit: @LittleMedonster where are you? Come here and join the ceremony :)

Oh, sorry, I had to take a little break from this forum :toofunny:

Gags release LG6 it's been 84 years


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