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LG6 will promote Haus Lab


don’t rely on me but :

every purchase of a HL kit in September you will get a copy of the LG6 lead. This will be confirmed when the pre- order goes live. 

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Looking at what Mr S has said before about there being some sort of original release plan (April / May / Met Gala timing) and then being delayed and delayed due to whatever circumstances, I think it's possible that the release of the Haus Lab promo COULD be a sign that they might have nailed down a possible release trajectory and timeline for music? 

Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I believe Mr S or someone similar had said that the makeup was also supposed to be released around the met gala as well (or was it just delulu speculation)? If they are linked in any way (I know there's no evidence or confirmation whatsoever) then would it make sense that if they're ready to launch one, they could have an idea of what is happening with the other? 

Edit: I'm not trying to cause discord over something that in no way has been confirmed or if anything is coming anytime soon - rather if they know what is going on with one thing, could it be a sign that they know what they're doing with the other?

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