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Stefani Tee

Rihanna's Rated R: MEGARATE!

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2 minutes ago, Anveeroy said:

@Magneto, you might be interested! 

Sorry, I'm not really into megarates. Thanks for asking and have fun :hug:

Free my mind
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I’m in 

Monster 🎶 Navy 🎶 Animal
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2 hours ago, JustifyMyLove said:

Yes I will :kara:


Thank you!

1 hour ago, GagaInTheZone said:

No but thank you for asking :happy: There are too many megarates going on, I can't keep up anymore :sweat: Have fun with it!

There is always a next time!

1 hour ago, IrishMonster said:

I’m in 

Yes! Got your rates and I will send my rates as soon as I can!

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Animal Claws

@Anveeroy When is the ceremony? :party:

Don't cry, don't scream. Lift your head, move on, because you're on The Edge Of Glory ❤️
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I’m so sorry, I totally forgot:messga:

On 7/7/2019 at 10:32 PM, Anveeroy said:

Reminder, Reminder!

People won’t get a notification if you quote the comment they were tagged in:selena: You gotta tag them again for them to get a notification:selena:

What you want Lady Gaga🥂 What you want with Christina🥂
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