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traditional art

Traditional Art&Pop Competition

August Blue

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INSIDE ARTPOP COVER ART   Hello guys! For today I decided to share with you the meaning behind the cover of the most special Gaga album, ARTPOP!  While the visual arts have

Welcome to the 1st GagaDaily Art Contest. The participants will showcase their art and talent in this exciting competition, where  each week they will illustrate concepts, based on a captivating


August Blue
1 hour ago, Avenues said:

Looks like someone has been drinking alot of cups of kindness :poot:

Its the final challenge and I know he works so gotta appreciate the artist :poot: 

1 hour ago, Lippoutou said:

Spoiler :

The face of Gaga on my cover looks more like Katy Perry :emma:

Lets hope the judges like Katy :poot: 

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August Blue
23 minutes ago, Lippoutou said:

It's okay I fixed the mess :poot:

Btw are all the judges Gaga fans ?

One of the judges is not :poot: 

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Yas queens! Can't wait for the results! :kara: 

Walk down the runway but don't puke, it's okay. You just had 10 donuts today. Without frosting.
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33 minutes ago, VOLANTIS said:

Hey guys. How yall doing? 

I think everyone is done and just waiting for results? 

I am as vain as I allow
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While waiting for the results, let's give a round of applause to @August Blue, @StarryNight and all the judges! You all organized this competition perfectly and gave us artists a platform to show our work! I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate that this competition happened. It's given me motivation to continue drawing and encouraged me to keep working at my art! It's been such a journey, every piece of art was beautiful and I love all y'all so much! :hug:

Edited by Quasi
I don't understand pineapples, so I don't eat bananas.
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