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Random Gaga Conversation

On 10/14/2020 at 9:04 PM, reelcool said:

is the foil version of ARTPOP really that rare?

It depends on what edition of the album you get on CD or vinyl. The vinyl is not super rare however they are expensive. I have seen it around $300 a few times. On CD there are many different editions that have the foil.

Here is the list:

Standard Limited Edition [Explicit] | Not Rare

Standard Limited Edition [Clean] | Somewhat Rare

Chinese Edition | Rare

Japanese Edition | Kinda Rare

Walmart Limited Exclusive | Rare but not Rare

Deluxe Edition | Not Rare

Deluxe Japanese Edition | Kinda Rare


I put Limited on some of them to symbolize the foil vs. normal cover. 

I always change my favorite song everyday because that is me, deal with it.


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