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Stereogum: The Unflinching Gaze Of Chvrches

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I found this article on Stereogum about Chvrches, they talk about the new album Every Open Eye, their journey on the music business and surprise, surprise feminism.




Still, the fact that Beyoncé performed in front of a giant screen bearing the word “FEMINIST” is important to her due to the power of who that message will reach. “All those ****ing thinkpieces about whether it’s a big deal that Beyoncé had a feminist sign behind her are just hot air at a certain point,” Mayberry says. “Because it is a big deal. She’s one of the highest earning musicians in the world and she is a black woman — that is a massive deal. And the fact that she’s talking about those things in that context, whether or not she’s your ideal definition of what a feminist is, it’s still a big deal. She’s reaching loads of young girls that other artists can’t. If you were 12 and Beyoncé was up onstage saying to you, ‘You get to do exactly whatever you want to do’ that would be awesome. I wish she said it to me when I was 12.”


It's a really long article but it's pretty interesting to read. Iain and Martin talk about pop music and their journey from their failed projects to Chvrches. Lauren praises Hayley Williams, Beyonce and Taylor Swift about their take on feminism. The photos are also lovely. Can't seem to download them tho.

Pink flamingos always fascinated me.


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