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Does Iggy look better after Plastic surgery?


Does she look better?  

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  1. 1. Does Iggy look better after plasitc surgery?

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Gaga is afraid of surgical operations, and coming from someone who has spent years watching people go through facial feminization surgeries including countless rhinoplasties, she has not had one. Simple as that. As for her cheekbones, it's so ridiculously easy to shape and alter these through contouring.

Simple as that for you. Her nose has drastically changed as well as her cheekbones and overall facial structure. She started the procedures in 2012. Her face looked exactly the same up until 2012 despite all the different makeup.

I love Gaga. It's her body, her life. I don't judge her for it, but it's obvious.

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Andy McQueen

I believe she has had operations on her nose and cheekbones, but it doesn't bother me. I still love her.

Not sure ... The bump on her nose is sometimes gone but then back there again, which could be because of injections and/or those nose enhancement stripes ("Nose Secret" or how they are called to make the nose more narrow), chin and cheekbones look indeed more prominent, possible injections and/or make-up contouring/highlighting as well as the face tape she's using under her wigs to alter her face shape (also aging, perspective, retouching, angles and lighting of course make a difference on photographs etc.) - I doubt she had any real operation done (yet), since those take really very long time to heal and I think it would be really obvious then. Anyway, in 2013 Gaga said she stopped using fillers in the Howard Stern show and that they are gone now (it's temporary stuff, Juvederm etc.), but she's using a lot of tricks still I think. 


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