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Does Meghan Get The Most Hate Here?


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I literally forgot she existed. :rip: 

Finally feeling free for the night, I got no worries. Finally got a claim on my life, baby, c'est la vie. ☄️
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Stans only notice hate towards their fave. No one even really talks about Meghan here tbh with the exception of a few people. :shrug: 


The correct answer would be Katy. 


I think Madonna fans see the most non-existent hate tho. Madonna is stanned for by a HUGE part of the community. A couple people hating on her doesn't make her very hated. I can admit: Beyonce has a few pressed haters here but she definitely isn't the most hated, The difference between her and Madonna is that she doesn't have as many stans here as Madonna.

The Madonna fans are the most defensive from what I've seen. 

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Nah, that would be Taylor, Iggy, Bieber...and Gaga, tbh. 

which is beyond sad. 

if you hurt taylor swift, i'll hurt you back
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I don't know much about Meghan, why would people hate her?

Most of what I've seen is praise for her music, so consider me at a loss to think she is "hated" by a lot of people here. :shrug:

Just repeat to yourself, "It's just a show. I should really just relax."
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