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Cabin In the Woods

I just finished binge watching True Blood.  Took me a week. 

My second youngest niece is staying over so we are watching Barbie’s Dreamhouse Adventures. The same episode I saw two days ago when my youngest niece stayed over   


I know I'm sucked into media hype, Bingeing American Crime Story: People v Oj Simpson, but it's great! Sarah Paulson, everyone is Awesome. 

I'm not from US, so quite surprised with the outcomes and the story. but can't believe that really happened.

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Season 3 premiere of Penny Dreadful (aka the best show currently on television). Is there a thread for it yet? 


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Mister Gaga

I've just seen Brokeback Mountain for the first time. I can't tell you how anguished i am, how sad i feel. Like, i've been crying for about 20 minutes non stop.

I know that even here in GGD this sounds too gay, but i've never cried so hard before; not with a movie. It brought back so much memories of a relationship in which i was...i am honestly devastated


see you in hell

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Watching S2 of Marco Polo, a Netflix original.  Ready for E4.  It's a very beautifully and artistically done show, despite the barbaric past. 

Do not do to others what angers you if done to you by others. -Socrates
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Took me awhile, but I've begun watching Breaking Bad.  I'm trying not to hurry, but it's so compelling, it's hard not to watch.  Every single character delivers, layers of storytelling, great writers, gripping, funny, unsettling.... I'm only on S2; E10.  Trying to make a good thing last.

Do not do to others what angers you if done to you by others. -Socrates
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Kiel Gyllenhaal

Rewatching the aired episodes of season 2 of Mr. Robot; on episode 3 now.

"My people… need to let our bitchiness out. Otherwise, it turns to bile and poisons us"
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