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I cried at the end, he couldn't escape his mental illness (the cage) even though she tried her hardest to rescue him. The look on his face, the hope draining from him was so sad. This video is stunning :applause:

I saw it as escaping mental illness or fighting off personal demons.

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I'm not criticising her dance skills, I'm criticising her choreographer who gave her some inappropriate stuff to do. Slut dropping is dropping to a squat with your legs wide apart. Usually executed fast, this is done slow and with her back to the viewer, but it's there. 1:32, check it out. And expressions can have dual meanings. Looking up from under hooded eyes can look menancing, but it can also look seductive. Desperation can easily look like lust. It's a fine line and I don't think they were directed as well as they could be. And I'm not picking fights, I'm discussing. I don't care if you find my interpretation horrible: I don't have to justify my response to art. Our brains work differently and we pick up on art differently. Sometimes we can't see things that are obvious or others or get a message that others simply cannot process. But that's what makes art so interesting: the responses it incites in people. I'm not saying anyone else's interpretation is wrong, but I will still fight for the right to speak my personal thoughts on it.




Then why are you posting storybooks justifying your opinion sis?

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