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Donatella Versace calls Katy Perry "Queen of Music"

Liam Germanotta

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*deletes Donatella.mp4 off iTunes* 


Please correct me if I make any grammar mistakes, I want to master English as much as possible.
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You should know I got an officer fetish.

Let me introduce you to this picture by the great Robert Mapplethorpe :legend:




who will love me when the night is over
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Battle 4 Ur Life

OK, in the name of Love and the Moon Princess.


this should stop before it even begins tbh. She is Donatella f* Versace, she can say anything. if monsters want to bug her because of this it will only show how cruel the fanbase is already been perceived by others and, obviously, might make Donatella feel bad herself.


She is entitled to think Katy Perry is a Queen, so respect ha. I kinda disagree with the choice of terms myself. plus Katy Slayed in Versace yesterday, for the dummies.

"We own the Downtown, hear our sound."
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