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Supposed "Applause" snippet leaks

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I hope it is legit, but I highly doubt it. I kinda love the beat.

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Unless you can give us the source etc?

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I doubt that it's real. But it wouldn't be that bad

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Sounds like a Justin Bieber concert. 

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WHAT ON EARTH? :omg: :wtf:

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Unless you can give us the source etc?

Idk I just saw it on Youtube lol

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Imagine if the single is just a bunch of people clapping for 3 minutes.



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Where was this recorded? In a fkin rollercoaster?

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Fake and horrendous.

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so applause is a load of screaming girls?

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Fake, but I like the beat.

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sounds like ****

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It sounds horrible. I don't mind the beat but the screaming is annoying as ****. 

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Sounds like a clapping clown massacring a bunch of people

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why :smh:

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I like the drums but I don't think it's real. Mostly because of the screams...

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I actually like that...

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Ah heard it before, its fake ;)

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