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Favorite GaGa Sunglasses?

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JD&Paparazzi Glasses, the iconic ones.


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I am unsure of whether or not this counts because it's not really a pair of sunglasses, but it's eye-wear, and it's my fave.

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^one of her best

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If anyone is interested i have a pair of grey original mykita edeneyes for sale. I love them sunglasses, but unfortunately I to sell them because i don't have money to pay rent + uni atm. They are in brand new condition, only worn twice at the TMB. Pm me if anyone is interested.

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I am unsure of whether or not this counts because it's not really a pair of sunglasses, but it's eye-wear, and it's my fave.

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^one of her best

YES! :legend:

This takes the cake for my favorite eyewear, though; not sure if I already posted!

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THIIIIISSS from DITD in the Monster Ball


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The Cigarette Sunglasses from Telephone is one of her craziest.



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Don't know and don't care if these glasses have been posted in this thread already. :hor:



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this :)



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The Just Dance ones, the LCD ones, the Paparazzi ones, the ones she wears at the start of Bad Romance and while in the Oribit, the Telephone ones and all the 'Lennon' styled glasses :worship:

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Definitely the white Carrera ones from Bad Romance :wub:

I bought a pair of them but I lost them about a year ago.

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any of her glasses during the fame era like the one on the album cover or the just dance video etc. I don't feel like finding pictures. also occasionally the round lennon-esque ones if she pulls them off right. as well as the ray bans she sported a few times again during the fame era.


I looooove these

And again, notice how she isn't wearing the obnoxious red lipstick here? it makes such a difference. I wish she would just ditch it permanently

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The screen ones from the Fame era :legend:

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Designed by S. Boi :flutter:

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