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Nicki DID NOT Send Cardi A Basket

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DiscoHeaven23   Paws Up 25,488

Here's the run down

- Cardi's team heard Nicki sent Cardi a basket but they didn't get it. 

- Cardi's team called the store to see what the deal was and the store said that Nicki never ordered anything.

- The store talked to the press and said Nicki never sent anything and that Cardi's team had called the store


"However, by Thursday, it appears as though the famous gift basket had not yet arrived. Per TMZ, Cardi’s camp called the store, which only has one location, and asked for a tracking number. The response was that Nicki Minaj had not bought anything at the store. TMZ also confirmed this by speaking with a store employee who confirmed neither Nicki nor anyone from her team had bought anything from there. "










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monster78619   Paws Up 8,366

I don't know what caused the initial idea that she sent a basket, I didn't care to read the thread about it, but I can already tell that there's gonna be people calling Nicki rude for not sending a basket like she was inclined to do so :triggered: 

unless of course Nicki or someone close to her team said that she did send a basket, then that's stupid on their part :green: 

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Feel free to send me money btw


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badgirlmeat   Paws Up 2,246

i mean Nicki wasn't obliged to send her a gift, but this gonna create some drama :ohwell:

i feel bad for Cardi tho cause she did expect something :huntyga:

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River   Paws Up 18,835

When TMZ is wasting time and resources on stupid things..

I'm not serious 99% of the times ;)


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Sharyu   Paws Up 18,561

It was Gaga. ASIB is going to come for the Hip Hop/Rap genre.

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Warrior of the Monkey, Killing Peacefully


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TylerBR97   Paws Up 9,767

Buy Your Song by Lady Gaga on iTunes

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KinneyUnderYou   Paws Up 16,606
11 minutes ago, baptism said:

Nicki should have sent her an SOS save my career basket. 

True. :poot: "I Like It" is in the Top 5 of US iTunes, and "Bed" fell out of the Top 100.

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