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Has anyone gone to see the jubilee show with toyah

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Bloodyjack   Paws Up 227

So I've been wanting to go to jubilee since the opening night because I'm pretty obsessed with the movie and toyah. but I've had to rebook about 3 times now because they keep putting me in the onstage stools and I really don't wanna be there because I have a minor anxiety disorder and I'm worried that being that close up with all the action and that might trigger it. I'm also aware there's some graphic violence/nudity in the play and I'm nervous about that because I'm taking my mom:D I know that sounds absolutely bonkers that I'm taking my mom to a neo post apocalyptic  punk play but she's also an avid film/punk enthusiast and has seen the film many times and totally gets it. But anyway has anyone gone to see the play, was it good, will it trigger my anxiety disorder, is it a good idea to take my mom. You get the picture:trollga:


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PepsiCola   Paws Up 89


I love Toyah. I never thought in a million years I'd find a Toyah fan here.


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