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A Star Is Born

The Red Segment is back! (shortened) but is back!

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JoanneMonster   Paws Up 5,129
10 minutes ago, Blake said:

It's not 'official' at all, so there's no need to act cocky with your :whitney:. :toofunny: 

It's a little fan adapted name of the segment. 

(No shade but all tea.)

lol I was obviously joking! I know it's not official:toofunny::toofunny:

I See You


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tthen   Paws Up 3,780
2 minutes ago, DeanWinchester said:

i guess she wanted to reduce the screaming from BM but then she also does the same for scheisse?

Scheiße isn't as demanding as BM afaik (Though I don't know much about Gaga songs outside of TF/C2C/Joanne so correct me if I'm wrong) and a BTW to Angel Down transition might have been easier 

Betty White>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Everyone


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gagaohlala   Paws Up 597

The biggest betrayal for me is her cutting Perfect Illusion. Like what the fck ? It's a banger, the lead sibgle, but she cut it !?

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Little Monster | Diamond | Cry Baby | Lana Del Rey


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Gagz   Paws Up 2,070
1 hour ago, tthen said:

The 2nd Toronto night was the last tour date she had before last night. She usually only cuts it in stadium shows, so people were worried that it'd be cut. That was the Sep 7 Toronto show. She didn't have shows on the 8th or 9th so this is the first show since Toronto.

Oh... Idk what I was thinking :emma:


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xSilver   Paws Up 229

She didn't perform the red segment (aka Holy Trinity) at the 2nd Philly night neither. Any thoughts? Is she cutting the Holy Trinity the second consecutive dates? :oprah:


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Bradley   Paws Up 23,105
On 9/11/2017 at 10:12 PM, JoanneMonster said:

my prayers have worked!


This is why people are afraid of little monsters :rip:


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