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PewDiePie saying the n-word

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ryanliarripley   Paws Up 73,787
Just now, Sizzily said:



False but you know I love ya.

who were the firsts? :duck: i always thought he was one of the original people and his personality managed to throw it into the mainstream alongside marki



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BeerFear   Paws Up 5,214

When I watch videos, series something like this I can hear people calling each other that (mainly black people who say this in a friendly way to each other) but in other context sometimes it is taken as a serious insult. Im not a native speaker so I dont really know what is up with this word. Can someone tell me?  In my country for black people we use the word "néger" which is kinda similar but this is totally normal and accepted here. I can even say calling someone black here sounds more insulting than calling them "néger".  



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Dominic   Paws Up 8,468

Locking this now, it might re-open later but things have gotten way too personal from all sides :smh:

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The hardest thing in this world is to live in it


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