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Game of Thrones Character Megarate Ceremony!

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hunty   Paws Up 23,554
4 hours ago, Glittertinks said:

oh my god I totally missed it :selena: But I read everything just now... AND I EVEN MISSED MY OWN HANGING :excuseu:

YAY for Sansa making 7th Place, I was really worried she would get a much lower place... but tbh I am also happy this rate happened before the season 7 finale, because now all those gays that hated here come and try to tell me they love Sansa - not with me :sure:

To my defense: I always love a good villain character that creeps me out :selena: I certainly did not rate the actor :sis: #NotAllVillains

@littlepotter drag those shippers :classy:

He simply vanished in Orphan Black and now he vanished on Game of Thrones, never to be seen again. What have the Khaleesi and Sarah done to him? Find out on Thursday, 14th September 8/7c on HBO :hor:


... I missed my own hanging :toofunny:

yass drag those fake sansa stans! they ate SHIT last episode

mess at you reminding me of yet another plot line orphan black completely cancelled :rip: im really angry at them

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