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Will it matter what time you go for standing tix?

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Slayer   Paws Up 9,226

I'm going with my bf to the O2 on the 9th and we've got standing tickets, but I haven't been to a tour since BTWB when you needed to go super early to get in the monster pit. So I was wondering, for this tour will it matter what time we go if we want to get a semi-decent spot in the arena? Obviously it won't matter TOO much because the stages extend into the floorspace, but we don't want to be right by the wall. We also don't want to have to queue the entire day. I just have no idea what time to go tbh so any help would be appreciated. 


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I love judas SO MUCH but I canʹt look like a copycat of JLO!!!!


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loathereality   Paws Up 1,975

i have a similar question in mind

i do not know

i think 5 hours early should be enough

my friend will probably put me up there by 6 a.m. 

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iWontBeTonight   Paws Up 2,397

I waited in line all day for the artRAVE and got 2nd row, while people just behind me showed up at like 6pm. My suggestion is enjoy your day, get some food, and get there when you would if you had seats. 


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