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Joe N   Paws Up 43
Joe N
11 hours ago, Decodekid said:

Funny that if PI wasn't released as the lead single and later heard when the album was released, everyone would've said "PI could've been the lead" 

Absolutely not.

A song as bland as this one was never gonna be a fave of mine.

I mean...it's literally written in middle school poetry style. AABB rhyme scheme and totally repetitive. The production is fine but the lyrics and melody? Uh uh...


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T3rrorBlade   Paws Up 1,081

Don't you guys get it? She reserved all the slayage at the SuperBowl.

If she already slayed on the first single, SB could have less impact

▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ FIREPROOF ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁


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Drin Lon   Paws Up 5,885
Drin Lon
6 hours ago, Joe N said:

That ****ing song literally struggled to stay on the charts FOR MONTHS even with numerous performances, discounts, etc. NO ONE LIKED THE SONG and it flopped tragically outside of the US. If anything, this should have been a US only single. It's downright country and that genre is so niche...it only hit #4 because of the SuperBowl and it only stayed in the top regions for a week. 

That song was simply not single material, period. The receipts are there right before your very eyes.

I've tracked MR in the charts thread since it was released and sorry but you're delulu. The song hit #1 on iTunes SEVERAL TIME before the SB, because people obviously liked it a lot when they would hear it, but that's the problem, not many people were hearing the song because radio literally didn't want to play anything by Gaga after the PI fiasco, let alone a ballad. Spotify never put her in TTH and that completely killed any chance for the song to do good in streaming. So sales were the only thing that were keeping the song in the charts. How can you say that a song with almost no radio play that stayed in the top30 of iTunes for weeks was not single material, after hitting the #1 spot several times just because of live performances... And yeah obviously the song would have never been a hit in the US without the SB, but that's not MR's fault, it's Interscope's because, 1)they fuccked things up by chosing PI as the 1st single, the callout scores were terrible and radio just didn't want to play Gaga anymore and 2) despite this Intercope didn't even try to push MR on radio with payola even thothe song was clearly showing big potential. If MR got the treatment PI got its first week it would have been a smash in the US.

And trust me, a SB performance can't guarantee you a hit. Give Me All Your Luving was perdormed at the SB and it only peaked at #10, same with Formation, while Million Reasons peaked at #4, after staying at #1 on iTunes for almost 2 weeks straight.

And btw it was a definite hit in Italy and Switzerland so yeah, that needs to be mentioned too.

Million Reasons WAS the standout hit from Joanne, either you want to accept that or not, even in my country it used to be played on the radio and my friends and some teachers knew the song. But yeah, obviously it wasn't gonna be a big hit outside the US since it'it's country, like...duh, that's not a bad thing...

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