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Better Album: ARTPOP or Joanne

Better Album: ARTPOP or Joanne  

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  1. 1. Which album is superior?

    • ARTPOP
    • Joanne

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Gov Hooka   Paws Up 4,075
Gov Hooka

I can't believe it's that neck and neck :omg: in sure the btw vs tfm poll would be the same


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Killa   Paws Up 5,802

The chaos that ARTPOP is at least there's something, it's exciting. It's such a fail of huge proportions. Both fail in their premises

RIght now if i'd listen to both i would prefer Joanne, but overall ARTPOP comes on top. It makes me feel her, she's in there all covered up with make up naked with layers of sequins, pressed againt her skin, hurting her. I feel this huge scream. While Joanne is this absence and this almost on the third person.


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Pity Party   Paws Up 742
Pity Party

ARTPOP has so many bad songs. I literally only use Applause. Joanne doesn't have any embarrassing moments like Dope, Donatella, J&Ds either. 


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JohnnyVersace   Paws Up 1,938

I like the messy, intense, dance-heavy sound on ARTPOP more. Joanne is great, but it's so stripped down for her, and tbh I hardly listen to it anymore. 

Tons of bops, and tbh J&D and Dope are so cringe but also SO reflective of where she was at, and I feel like ARTPOP is weirdly more personal at times because of this. Also put Venus or Sexxx Dreams on and I still lose my gd mind. :whitney:

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